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 What should you do constantly?

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What should you do constantly? Empty
PostSubject: What should you do constantly?   What should you do constantly? Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:16 pm

1. Upgrade your barracks, town hall, and gold refinery

2. Complete all quests as fast as you can

3. Complete as many quests in the Bounty Hall as possible

4. Farm

5. Run through dungeons, both single and multi-player as many times as you can

6. Upgrade at least one piece of equipment per day (enchant, refine, etc)


8. Attack players in the arena

9. Always have something upgrading in the academy

10. Always have a Gold Mine

11. Upgrade your troops as much as possible (look at the Troops post to learn more)
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What should you do constantly?
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