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 What Stats are worth

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PostSubject: What Stats are worth   Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:05 am

Pre-Reading Warning ---> BATTLE RATING and ER mean the same thing they can be used interchangeably and no one will care

Just a place I will compile all information on Stats in Wartunes! Should not take long but its helpful as I know I spent ages trying to figure this out when I started.

So when you get a piece of gear, if its green or above you get stats with it. These stats can be. Power, Intelligence, Defence, Endurance, Patk, Matk, Pdef, Mdef, Health, Block and Crit

1. POWER - 1 POINT OF POWER = 4 Patk + 1 Pdef. For Every point of power you gain 5 BATTLE RATING
Patk - For every point of Patk you gain +1 damage. Patk = 1 ER per point
Pdef - For every 2 points of pdef you take -1 physical damage. Pdef = 1ER per point

2. DEFENCE - 1 POINT OF DEFENCE = 4Mdef + 4pdef. For Every point of defence you gain 8 BATTLE RATING

3. ENDURANCE - 1 POINT OF ENDURANCE = 20 health. For everypoint of endurance you gain 4 BATTLE RATING
Health - for every 1 point of health you gain 1 extra max health. Health = 0.2 ER per point (divide by 5)

4. INTELLIGENCE - 1 POINT OF INTELLIGENCE = 4Matk + 1 Mdef. For everypoint of intelligence you gain 5 BATTLE RATING
Matk - For every point of Matk you gain +1 magic damage. Matk = 1.05 ER per point
Mdef - For every 2 points of Mdef you take -1 magic damage. Mdef = 1 ER per point

CRITICAL/BLOCK - 1 point in Crit/Block gives you 0.03% chance to (Crit/Block). Therefore 1000 points would give you a 30% chance to Crit/Block. For every point of Crit/Block you gain 1 BATTLE RATING.

Charisma - (Pain in the arse) This affects the amount of health your troops have in combat. Formula is for every 1 point of charisma you gain +1 troop count. Troop count is the little yellow bar under your heatlh bar.
TO WORK OUT THE HEALTH OF YOUR TROOPS ----> (their base HP × your troop count) ÷ 200
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PostSubject: Re: What Stats are worth   Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:18 pm

good post it is all correct
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What Stats are worth
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