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 Rules for the Site

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Rules for the Site Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Site   Rules for the Site Icon_minitime1Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:32 pm

1. Do not tell anyone about the website!

2. Do not write anything harmful about others.

3. Limit all obscene language, this includes swearing and any other offensive language.

4. No trolling. This means no repeating the same thing over and over and annoying other members.

5. Be smart, If you think you shouldn't do it then don't do it.

6. You may make any posts you like or reply to anything but if the moderators do not feel like it is
appropriate it may be deleted.

7. If you post something make sure it is in the right category... If there is no category for it put it in the "Random" section and a moderator will make a section for it.

8. If you are going on vacation or anything else that will not allow you to play for a few days please tell either Krom or one of the Asst Guild Masters.

9. Have fun and enjoy the site!
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Rules for the Site
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